| A B O U T |

Hi! I am Derek Collard! I consider myself a holy mischief maker, an unofficial pastor of the misfits, and a man solely convinced the LOVE can change the world! I seek to defy social norms and cliches that are often used to categorize the masses! I am trying to live a life that is #HolyAndWild!

Pressing on, day by day, in a sacred, uncontrollable pursuit of God’s goodness!

I am passionate about justice for ALL people, caring for the earth, creating safe spaces, and loving all the people that come into my path. I can be really opinionated about topics that can be divisive but I like to think that I have the grace to disagree with people well. I am a dancing fool, and by that I mean that if there is music on I will be dancing and it will be as ridiculous as I want it to be! I love to adventure in my free time and spend time with God in nature. I read a lot and love to share my thoughts with anyone who will listen.

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