| M Y S T E R Y |


In the culture of the modern age, we have an obsession. It is an all encompassing desire for knowledge, a discontentment and dissatisfaction for anything that might be difficult to explain. We wish to know all that we can about every little thing. Too often the church of today gives itself over to this obsession, feeling like all of life must have it’s answers and all things must have their place. Frequently, questions are covered over with some rehearsed answer that in the end really means nothing to anyone. Small sections of scripture are parsed up and tossed around as if they are slogans to win the affection of consumers, not sacred texts to be revered and respected. So much can be assumed when we approach truth and wisdom in this way. This also does a great disservice to all who have made themselves vulnerable enough to ask. It creates an environment where honesty in doubt is a rarity. I want to take a minute and propose a different way.

What if we had the courage to enter into the silence?

                            To feel the pain of the moment and not run from it.

                                        To encounter the beauty of His majesty with hearts wide open.

                                                      To trust Him when we can’t understand the “why” of anything in our lives.

When all we can see are questions, to dare to believe.

Would it be so hard for us to live in this way? For some, it might be and I understand their perspective. From childhood we have been given answers to almost any question we could think to ask, and now with the advent of the smart-phone, a countless amount of information is at your fingertips. Think about it, when was the last time you had to just sit and wrestle with a question without pulling out your phone to look up all sorts of answers. This quick access to information has developed a culture where the inability to logically argue something means that you have failed, and that thing is no longer worth knowing because only logic and reason have value.

But I believe there is a beauty that is unknown to, and slowly being lost by, my generation. This is the beauty of the mysterious. This might seem like odd wording to some, but reflect for a moment on the truth of beauty. People don’t often sit down on the beach to describe the scientific process that goes into making the sunset something that is beautiful. Rather, we stand in awe at the way the colors reflect off the water and give very little thought to why we spend so much time pondering the beauty of the moment. I have come to see that the beauty of the mysterious comes from the heart of God the Father. I believe He is the creator and designer of all that we see and experience, the One in whom all things have their being. He is so unfathomable that even the Biblical narrative can only give a small glimpse of all of the attributes of who He is!

Throughout the Bible we see the Biblical authors, who are inspired by God Himself, writing about how His ways are higher than our ways. He allows glimpses of Himself and even those appear to be too much for the people who they are given to. How does this make you feel? For me there is a freedom. In the mystery of the Lord I find a freedom to release that which I don’t understand, to allow Him to really be God, and to seek the glimpse of His face that will overwhelm me for the rest of my life. His holiness, His justice, and His love all mixing together may never make sense to our minds which seek to box in His bigness, but isn’t there something wonderful in not knowing. It is long past time for us to release the obsession that we have with that which is knowable and give ourselves freedom to chase after the wild and mysterious heart of God! To let Him be Himself and to revel in Him the rest of our days! Meet Him in the beauty of the mystery today!

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