| L E N T |

Today (Ash Wednesday) starts the Lenten season, and this year I am planning to not just give something up, but I am also planning to add a few things to my life. One of the things that I will be doing which I found on Margaret Feinberg’s blog, is a 40 day reading plan of Luke and Acts. As you may have guessed, I really enjoy reading scripture and find that often I have the need to be grounded in the truth and mystery of God. The second thing, and much more challenging thing I have decided to do is let go of negative self talk. For too much of my life I have spoken to myself with negative words and I am tired of it and I know the story that is written down that path. I have decided instead, to root myself in the promises of God and the truth of what He says about me. God is such a good Father and He has good things stored up for His children and I want to participate with what He is doing. To be honest, I didn’t think of this all on my own either, but I was inspired by a post that my friend Emma had about a group who was fasting negativity. I am very excited to see what the next forty days will hold, not that the days themselves are magical, but I do believe there is something beautiful that happens when you choose to set apart time for God to move. I am planning to write once a week to update you on how this is going and to hold myself accountable to write and to participate in this season of preparation. I also want to invite you to join me on the journey towards Easter, that we might become fellow wanderers through this holy and wild adventure we call life. Ask the Lord if there is anything He is asking you to do to partner with Him in this season and comment below! Love you all and I look forward to seeing the holy wildness of our God together!

2 thoughts on “| L E N T |

  1. That is so awesome! I remember many years ago, looking at myself in the mirror and saying ” you would not talk to anyone , the way I talk to myself” it has been a work in progress. Well worth the work though. Hugs on you brother keep dancing and singing you bring so much of our Father when you do !


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