| H E L L O |( a g a i n )

Well, it has been a MINUTE! I haven’t written anything in just under two years and YIKES, that is a long time! It is easy to beat myself up about this, but instead, I’m gonna choose to give myself grace because the last two years have not necessarily been a walk in the park. All that being said, I AM BACK! I am so excited to explore more of what it is to live my life fully as myself, not letting go of any piece of who I am! I want to re-invite you to join me on this journey towards authenticity and BOLDLY LIVING THIS BEAUTIFULLY TERRIFYING LIFE!

Each and every moment that we have on this earth invites us to a new adventure, whether we can see it or not! I want to live with my eyes, ears, and heart wide open, ready for whatever may come my way! I hope that you will join me in this way of living, creating more space for yourself to experience the breadth and depth of existence! I know this site is called “Dare To Be Derek” but I want this to be a place where we are each encouraged to live our lives to the FULLEST!

For this to work, we have to agree to be a safe space for each other; a soft landing place for each other when we fall, a trampoline of sorts helping launch each other to new heights when we may think we have fallen too far! I hope you find encouragement here to throw off anything that may hinder you from living the life you want to live!


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