| B R O K E N |

“I found heaven in pieces, the glimmer and dust. Broken glass in reflection till we shine like the sun.” Glimmer in the Dust by Hillsong United   All of my life I have been afraid that I was too broken to be worth anything. I realize that everyone knows that they have something wrong with them … More | B R O K E N |

| B A R E |

 I have always hated locker rooms… It’s just a fact of my life. There are many reasons that I hate them to be sure, but the greatest reason is that I have always been 100% TERRIFIED of nudity. I remember being a teenager and going to the YMCA with my family and there were these … More | B A R E |

| L E T | G O |

This year for Christmas, I gave my family some challenges. I gave them some vague ideas of what I wanted, but mostly I wanted them to choose the gifts that they bought me. As part of that, I asked my parents to buy me a necklace from The Giving Keys, but I asked them to … More | L E T | G O |

| S E C R E T |

The other night at church I had a moment of conviction. Our lead pastor was sharing and he said something that made me think. He said that God develops vision in us in the secret place. He used the example of Nehemiah and talked about how Nehemiah didn’t share all that was in his heart … More | S E C R E T |

| J U M P |

Standing on the edge of a cliff looking at the water below. I feel the knot in my stomach that is driven by fear telling me this is a bad idea, but I want to do it anyway! In this moment staring straight down thirty feet can feel like peering off the top of the Empire State … More | J U M P |

| T I M I D |

I want to start by addressing something. I had a conversation with someone the other day who asked me if I was ok. I was a bit perplexed by their question. They said that they had read my last blog and they were concerned about me and the amount that I was sharing. To be … More | T I M I D |